Mobido is for parents of kids 6 to 16, who worry about how social media is hurting kids mental health.

Social media has become woven into our childrens lives, so it can't simply be removed.

Mobido is creating a way to give parents control over what their kids watch, and how much time they spend on social media.

A Quick Video About the Problem

Max Stossel created the following video which explains smartphone addiction so well.

There are hundreds of news articles and research papers about the negative effects of smart phones and social media. We’ve collected a few articles to help you understand what is happening, and that can be shared with your children too.

Our Solution

Step 1: “Unbundle” Social Media

Currently, social media is “bundled” into single smartphone apps, and one company controls who can post content, how that content is distributed, and how that content is viewed. Complex algorithms are used to increase how much time you watch, so those big companies can make more money from advertising.

We believe social media should be unbundled into:

Step 2: Support many companies creating Social Media Browsers

We want to give parents a choice of what kind of social media experience their children will have.

We don’t believe a single browser will fit everyone. So we want many companies to build different browsers to match the different needs of parents all over the world. In the end, we believe community oriented organizations like school boards, parent-teacher organizations, national and global health organizations, and non-profits like Common Sense Media will guide parents and recommend a social media browser for their kids to use.

The Mobido Social Media Browser

Mobido is creating an open source reference implementation of a social media browser. Anyone can take our code to create their own social media browser and fine-tune it to take care of children in a way that matches the sensibilities of parents and their community.